HCRH is the acronym for Historic Columbia

River Highway.

Contact: GorgePedal.com

Cycling along the Columbia River Gorge is incredible.

There are many rides of different distances & Elevations!

There is excellent cycling for all types of riders.

We welcome All Bodies All Bikes All Abilities.


The New Generation of cyclists includes many people of all different abilities.

Be Courteous and say Hello other cyclists.


                If want a car free way to get to the cycling paths, use the Transit panel

 to discover present services.


If this is you first time cycling in big spaces, use the Info panel.


The Mural panel shows a great one-block-long painted Historic Columbia River Highway in the Dalles.


The Disability Audit illustrates the Waterfall Corridor Accessibility and its Needs.


The Scenic Byway is a proposal submitted to the Oregon Scenic Bikeways Committee in Jan 2023.


Any Questions about riding: check all the rides on Cycling panel....


further questions: info@gorgepedal.com