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Post Ride Celebration

All are welcome

1 pm to 4pm

Eats  * Drink * Passionate People * Advocates

The Thunder Island Brew Garden is a host to

Oregon and Columbia River people and their passions.

It will be located in Cascade Locks Marina.

the Sprocketts

Warm Springs Art Community

Son of Man Ciders

Route 30 Brew

Aislinn Wildflower Prints

Trail Head Coffee

Cascade Locks Fire Dept

Garnier Wines

Buono Notte Wines

Four Dam Guys Bar-B-Que

La Gula Mexican Food

Brigham Fish Market

Anvil Academy and blacksmithing

Exclusive Treat


For the Gorge Climb riders who reach the Women's Forum before 11:30 am, there will be a special treat of the

Trailhead Coffee Bicycle Barista pouring fresh coffee...

Even though the return is an 800 ft descent

...there is still 25+ miles to go before arriving at the Celebration.

Columbia Gorge providers will have great Food and Beverages

just as the caffeine wears off !

Thunder Island Brewing Co is an adventure-based 7-barrel brewery that is handcrafting creative and innovative beers in the Pacific Northwest since 2013. We are proud to be founding members of Breweries in the Gorge.


Based out of the city of Cascades Locks, Oregon, Thunder Island Brewing makes crushable beers inspired by a love of outdoor adventures, with a nod to local history and with a respect for all that the scenic Columbia River Gorge has to offer.


In 2019, Thunder Island Brewing looks forward to breaking ground their new brand new purpose-built brewery and taproom on main street Cascade Locks. Stay tuned for more beer and fun!


Thunder Island is hosting our Brew Garden on the Cascade Locks Marina.


Because Son of Man is unlike any cider you’ve ever tasted. To only call it cider would ignore sagardo’s unique history and distinct character. This isn't the sweet stuff served in pints. Crafted more like wine than beer, sagardo is made once a year during the fall apple harvest. It ferments for four months in massive kupelas (American oak foeders) before it’s ready to drink.


Sagardo is at its best with food. It evolved in harmony with the vaunted Basque culinary tradition, and you can taste it. Sagardo is bright and tart, with a hint of Old World funk. Sagardo is versatile, pairing equally well with oysters on the beach or steak off the campfire.


Break the sagardo the way Basques have done for centuries. As you pour, raise the bottle as far from the glass as you can. Pouring from height aerates and carbonates the cider, giving it a traditional, distinctive fizz.


Route 30 from the Dalles pay tributes to the

Builders of the

Historic Columbia River Highway:

Sam Hill Red and Milepost 81 brews and a tip of the hat to the cherry orchards of the Gorge with their Cherry Wit.


Bryan LaRoque and Johnna Ward are bringing their wagon of

great brews for the afternoon

of enjoying the Cascade Locks

Marina and the great northerly view of Washington state across the Columbia River.



Aislinn Adams is an Irish illustrator, designer and horticulturist who has lived in Salem, Oregon since 2000.

For 10 years Aislinn created a weekly pen and ink illustration for the Digging in gardening column in the Washington Post.

Her work is focused almost exclusively on botanical art. She is currently working on a large commission illustrating 30 native species for the Friends of Silver Falls State Park.

These plant illustrations can be seen on display

in the lodge at the South Falls.


Aislinn also works as a part-time teacher

in the 4-6th Grade Environmental Education Program

at Oregon Gardens, & the Straub Outdoors 5th Grade

Outdoor School program.


To find out more about her work

visit her website or facebook page or

follow her on instagram.






Located five miles east of Hood River, Oregon in the fertile Columbia River Gorge, Garnier Vineyards is a family-owned winery built upon a growing tradition of sustainability and stewardship to our unique environment. Surrounded by a majestic landscape built over 15,000 years, our prime location is as captivating as our wines. Rich soils, natural micro-climates and Gorge winds are the foundation for producing the complex flavors found in all of our red and white Oregon wines.


From the vine to the cellar, care, diligence and attention to quality are combined to produce some of the most flavorful Oregon wines on the market today. Our intense passion for winemaking is evident in every bottle we produce. We proudly invite you to join us at the winery and experience Garnier Vineyards wines for yourself.


Buona Notte is very much a family endeavor. The team consists of my father, and business partner, Jeff Markel.  My girlfriend Emily Skawinski assists with the Marketing and Design; and my mother, Peggy Markel (if I don't add her she'll be mad). Last but not least, there’s myself, Winemaker, Graham Markel.


Living at Hiyu Wine Farm in Hood River opened my eyes to the many winemaking possibilities that there were on offer in the Gorge. There are so many microclimates creating different opportunities to explore fun, exciting varieties. Gewurztraminer from the bluffs on Underwood, Mencia from Mosier, and of course the Sangiovese from east of The Dalles resonated the most.


I still love to cook, and I'm always looking to push the boundaries of creativity in the world of food and wine. It's been my pleasure capturing this time and place in the best bottle of wine I can make.


A Historic Trade School


A classroom disguised as a wagon factory that takes at-risk youth and teaches them real skills in a physically and emotionally safe environment. These weekday afternoon classes focus on kids aged 14 – 20.


Why a Wagon Factory? Well it’s because the horse drawn vehicle industry set 886861_1721445834734591_715292813733871860_othe standard for every other industry in the early 1900’s, and thus set the standard for many of the technologies we use and enjoy today.


The fact that your car runs straight down the road, in relative comfort, is in large part because of the ingenuity and engineering of the wagon builders.


Did you know that the American Stage Coach was the first export of technology from the US? The American consumer wanted to get more stuff, faster, and found the slower, more refined English carriages annoying.


We believe that having a basic understanding of design and materials will give our students a competitive advantage in innovating for the future. How material reacts to forces and how the most basic of design affects how a vehicle performs is important to know, no matter what you are designing or innovating. Besides, if you can build a stagecoach, you can build anything!


This means that as we teach blacksmithing, woodworking, 3D design, metalworking, sewing and o12973573_10153705009113440_385345821739886048_other skills, we’ll also teach math, design, relationship skills and cause and effect – everything works together. And as they work with customers and visitors they get to pass on the skills and knowledge that they have learned.