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Gorge Climb Information

General Gorge Rides Information


Both rides Begin and End

 in Cascade Locks at the Port of Cascade Locks Marina


Course opens at 7 Am

Course officially closes at 4pm.


Parking information


Post Ride Celebration starts 1pm with the Sprockettes, Storytelling, Great Food, Thunder Island Brew Garden, passionate advocacy...



Stops will have fresh watermelon (bring hand-i-wipes), water (bring your own container-we will not have plastic nor paper cups for drinking) and other snacks. We will have a geologist, botanist, fire fighters, and history advocates on hand to show pictures, and fire equipment concerning the Columbia Gorge.


What to expect: Lush forests, specular blue skies and river vistas, no cars on trail, And where else can you see the Gorge from a bicycle seat.


Ability: You will need to propel a bicycle, tricycle, e-bicycle, etc. and walk along the cycle if you are experiencing mechanical or familial issues.


Cycling: we welcome all types of bicycles. We recommend a tune-up before you do this ride.


Courtesy: Use hand signals if stopping along the side the trail; Use your voice telling people you are passing on their right or left. See our advice page.

Gorge Climb Ride   $40.00


46 total Miles with maximum nearly 3000 ft total elevation gain


Turnaround point is Portland Women's Forum


4 Educational stops with 4 snack stops


Bathroom stops: One along trail & bathrooms at  Bonneville Power-Fish Hatchery, State Park (SP) Ainsworth, Multnomah Falls, SP Wahkeena, SP Bridal Veil, SP Latourell Falls, Vista House & Portland Women's Forum.


Great strength building ride. Good warm up ride under the trees. Long early stretches of straight away with wonderful vistas, highway riding with alertness training (see below), and a final 800 ft switchback climb and then one last elevation topper of 160 more feet to a gigantic eastward Columbia River Gorge view.


Trailhead coffee awaits you at the top from 830 to 1130!

Fresh watermelon slices and snacks will be available.


Special Parking

At Multnomah Falls, we ask that you park on the east side of the bridge before getting to the bathrooms or coffee shop or taking time to view the falls. We will have safety people watching your bikes there and helping slow traffic to cross the bridge as both pedestrian and cyclist. This is the pinch point of traffic congestion.


All the State Parks will have volunteers to watch for traffic and encourage people to slow down and to share the road. If you are using the bathroom, check with the volunteer, it may be easier to leave your bike with the volunteer than parking in front of the bathroom.

Gorge Ride is a loop: Below maps divide the ride into West and East segments

Westward: Starting Place to turnaround at Women's Forum

Below are 2 maps for the total Gorge Climb ride. One map is the westward direction. The bottom map is the

Return or Eastern Direction riding map.

Trail Head Coffee will be waiting for you at the turnaround top of Women's Forum! Enjoy.

The elevation guides are Not in visual sync with the map: Left side of the Elevation guide is the beginning of the ride.


Eastward: Turnaround to Return to Cascade Locks

The elevation guides are Not in visual sync with the map: Left side of the Elevation guide  is the beginning of the ride.

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