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This image is the Why of the Gorge Pedal Rides: we want to teach the next generation about cycling along the Historic Columbia River Gorge.

The start of the day with clear skies, very mirrror calm Columbia River waters...

Getting Ready!

Kelli Palmer from the Warm Springs Art Community with her basket weaving.

Happy Valley Crossfit Team members Megan and Michael carried many bikes up and down the steps for cyclists. This was our solution.  Sadly this was not inclusive of all. and even though this solution worked for those unable to carry their own cycles this remained a prohibition for cyclists unable to walk the stairs. This will change.


These steps were temporarily put in 1996-7. It was done as a first segment of the Historic State Trail system and not part of the larger Historic Columbia River Trail system. It featured grooves for bikes (innovative in those days) and was chosen over a 'ramp' as an alternative to minimize visual impacts in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. Our political climate toward inclusiveness is different today. In 2020, there is a potential source of funding that may allow an ADA compliant pathway to replace the staircase. Stay tuned and better yet: write a letter of support to hasten ODOT/OPRD to transform this barrier in to a truly accessible trail for all.

The Sprokettes did two performances. They are retiring at the end of 2019...So this was pretty

special. They have been teaching young people to do bicycle dance routines for a number of years and we are particularly sad that they will not continue into the future.

We hope all had good memories of the first Gorge Pedal rides and Celebration...if you wish to add photos, contact us: info@gorgepedal.com.