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January 15, 2019

Required for each Rider:  Waiver

Family Ride 11 miles with 300 ft Elevation Gain Family Adult fee is $29.00 Children under 14 are free. All children must be named and registered. Gorge Climb Ride 46 miles & 3000 ft Elevation Gain Cardio Adult or any age Fee is $40.00
All participants are required to register. All children must be named and registered, even if they are teeny, weeny family members.
 All Riders Emergency number 503-xxx-xxxx All Riders will receive a band with an ID Number. This will be used to identify the rider in event of an emergency. Artist Alice Debo has created a beautiful bandanna to commemorate this first Gorge Pedal Experience Ride. Bring Helmet, it is required. Bring a water bottle for each rider. A, B, C Check for your bicycle: Air Brakes Chain, Crank, Cassette Check: anything rubbing ? wheel goes round ? Seat height : is it good for you ? Tires & Tubes in good shape ? Gears working ?
Riding tips Warmth: Gorge can be cool in shade and hot in sun You may need a windbreaker in the early hours Figure out how to carry coat on your bicycle Over heated: Early heat exhaustion has symptoms of fatigue, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps, confusion, nausea Water bottles: We will not be handing our cups @ water stops; Bring your own water bottle to fill Mechanics: We will have three places for mechanics to help We will have rescue cargo bikes to help failures/disasters Challenges: The Beauty of the Gorge is just an eye-full. Enjoy this Ride There are lots of little up slopes. Worth every percent Up. Bathrooms: We will have several stops for families along the trail. The Gorge Climb ride will rely on State Parks bathrooms.