Click here to Register Registration is through You will have choices of two rides.

Family Ride


All bicycles are welcome.

Bakfiets, Cargo bikes, bikes with trailers, long-tail bikes, tykes (sadly the ride is not ADA accessible for riders), ebikes,


5.5 miles one way or 11 miles round trip

Leaves Cascade Locks between 7 and 11 am.

Turnaround place is Bonneville Power over flow parking lot on the Columbia River


300-400 feet of total elevation gain


3 food and water stops along course

1 food and water stop at turnaround stop at Bonneville Power

Gorge Climb Ride


All bicycles are welcome.

Experienced riders with Courtesy.


23 miles one way or 46 miles round trip

Almost 3000 feet total climbing elevation gain


Leaves Cascade Locks at 7am

Turnaround place is Women's Forum


Special event bicycle parking east of Multnomah Lodge viaduct for bathroom/ Water break with valet security ~away from cars and pedestrians

Rules of the Road

Courtesy to ALL users on the road


Helmets required by Insurance


Hand signals for those behind you


Voice/Bell signals for

those you are passing


Special courtesy for

 children on roadway:

give them a wide berth !


Register Family and Individuals for the Ride


January 15, 2019