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Welcome to the Columbia Historic Columbia River Highway and Trail.

This ride is 90+% on the Historic Columbia River Trail which is for bicycles and pedestrians (no cars).

After you check in-register in Cascade Locks the day of the ride,

you will proceed along Wa Na Pa street bicycle lane to the trail entrance (0.4 miles).

The trail is car free for 9 miles. At the entrance to Bonneville Dam you leave the Trail

and travel 0.6 miles to the western parking lot for Snacks.

This low speed road is shared by bikes and cars and well marked by the US Army Corps of Engineers..



This ride requires you to be able to walk independently and to walk up and down a flight of stairs.


If you have children who cannot do so, they will need carrying assistance.

We will provide assistance for carrying cycles up and down the staircase from a cross fit team.

IF you have questions, please contact us below through email. See FAQ for more details.


Sadly this Family Ride is not completely accessible for all bicycles and cyclists.

The below elevation guide is deceptive...It is not as steep as it appears. Remember the one way route is only 5.5 miles and total elevation gain is only 300 ft.

See the Columbia Gorge from a Bicycle Seat