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Think ~Three Segments for the Metric Century

1. Westward: Cascade Locks to Women's Forum (see map 1).

2. Eastward: Women's Forum back to Cascade Locks (see map 1) and then via Herman Road to Starvation Creek (see map 2)

3. Westward: Starvation Creek back to Cascade Locks via Herman Road

Segment 1: Ride Westward (start on right side of map and ride to your left) from Cascade Locks on the Historic Columbia River Trail and Highway through the waterfall corridor. The elevation guide reads Right to Left...so mild elevation changes at the beginning of the ride until you reach the switchbacks below the Vista House (Crown Point) and Women's Forum on the Right side of the elevation guide below the map.

Map 1

Segment 2: Above in Reverse. Cycle Eastward from Women's Forum along the Waterfall corridor you just traveled back to Cascade Locks. Travel Eastward back towards the Registration area and follow the East bound signs to Wyeth-Starvation segment 3.

Segment 3: Eastward from Cascade Locks to Wyeth, Lindsey and Starvation and back to Cascade Locks Marina for Lunch

See the Columbia Gorge from a Bicycle Seat