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Ride Advice

What are your needs and responsibilities during this ride.

Hand Signals

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Drinks along the trail

It is great to be hydrating !  In the Gorge there is a lot of wind and we expect sunshine: this combination will dehydrate you and your kids very quickly.


Stop, enjoy the scenery, look for hidden tiny flowers, and DRINK.


Sometimes holding back the sugary drinks for the last mile works best.

Snacks and Energy


now your children better than we do. Make sure you bring snacks that work for them.


Cold and Hot and Sun Screen

Even in the summer, under the shade of trees, it may feel chilly. And the converse, there are some parts of the trail that are in complete sunshine. The Post Ride Celebration will be mostly in the sun...Bring sun screen for delicate skins.


Hand-i-wipes and Bathroom stops:


There will be one portapottie along the trail.

There are 3 bathrooms at Bonneville Power turn around  food stop and the Fish hatchery (where Herman the Sturgeon lives.)

In Trouble

We don't want you frustrated. We know there is nothing worse than feeling helpless or trapped.


If we have to extract you off the course, please understand it may take some time to get the right cargo bike to you to get you back to your car.


There are two middle of the course access points along the I-84. If easier we may dispatch a combination-truck to get to you. And that may take time.


We have three physicians on hand during 9 to 12 on the Family Ride course.


The Emergency phone number will be published in July 2019 on this site.