Discovery Center to Hatfield Tunnel West

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Cycling Score Card

Restrooms: Cascade Locks restaurants; Bonneville Dam

Round trip Mileage:

24.6 Miles one way: 49.2 miles round trip

Hills: max elevation 742

total elevation gain 1584



Staring Direction: Heading West

Length: 5 Miles One Way or 10 miles, Round Trip

Roadway: Paved Trail

Restrooms: Cascade Locks restaurants; Bonneville Fish Dam Hatchery

Total Elevation climb: 267 ft

Elevation Gain:  740 ft

Services: Cascade Locks has several restaurants; Bonneville Dam has small food/drink stand.


Some hills. No bathrooms along route but available at Bonneville Dam. Very fun view of Hermann the Sturgeon in its own pond at their Eye-Level at turn around at the B-Dam.