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Welcome to the Columbia River Gorge

Many trails, many rides, hikes

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1. Five Paved Trails -

 No Cars (3 are HCRH)

2. Three Trails & Hwy Mix

3. Two Long Trails-Hwy Mix

Below : 5 Paved Trails -No Cars- Great intro to Biking!

Three are on the Historic Columbia River Highway Trail (HCRH) only *Alerts : below

Go: Cascade Locks to Bonneville

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Cascade Locks to Bonneville

Low mileage Family Friendly; Welcome for All Bodies All Bikes; and No Vehicles!

Go: Cascade Locks to Yeon

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Cascade Locks to Yeon Trailhead

Car Free, more hills, stop at Eagle Creek. Alert: must bring bikes up a staircase !

Go: Wyeth to Viento Plus

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Wyeth Campsite & Trail to Viento Plus

Long up/down views of the Columbia River. Road slope never more than 5%.

Go: Hatfield Twin Tunnels

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Hatfield Twin Tunnels

Lovely under the canopy of trees and then enter the high desert.

Go: Riverfront Trail

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Riverfront Trail near The Dalles

High Desert: meeting place of Native Fishing Platforms & Google data servers of the High Desert.

Below : 3 Mixed Hwy-Trail = Low volume traffic mixed with No Cars trails

Increase your bike skills, more elevation, longer rides

Go: Cascade Locks to Stevenson WA

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Cascade Locks to Stevenson, WA

Cross over the Columbia River. Have a great lunch in Stevenson, WA at the Farmer's Market on Summer Saturdays.

Go: Herman Creek to Viento Plus

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Herman Creek (Cascade Locks) to Viento Plus

Tough hill on the way to smooth riding eastward along the Mighty Columbia

Go: Classic Gorge Ride

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The Classic Gorge Ride

The Best Ride created by Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway...Integrates the many personalities of the Columbia River Gorge

Below : 2 Long Hwy-Trail Mixed & Challenging Rides

Test your bike skills over 4 different ecologies of the Columbia River Gorge!

Go: Troutdale to Multnomah Falls

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Troutdale to Multnomah Falls

From the Sandy River to the tall Multnomah Falls feeding the Columbia. This is forest route with lovely switch backs !

Go: Troutdale to The Dalles

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The Big Ride from Troutdale to The Dalles

The Whole Ride along the Historic Columbia River Highway


The Five Car Free trails are 5% grade up/down. There are pedestrians, skateboarders, parents with strollers, people with visible and invisible disabilities.

The 3 HCRH trails are named Bonneville, Mitchell Point Tunnel, and Twin tunnels or Hatfield or Mosier tunnel trails. The extra 2 Car Free trails are 1) an extension of the Bonneville trail to Yeon Trailhead & 2) the Riverfront Trail near The Dalles.

Alert: Sadly, the Bonneville Trail has stairs at Eagle Creek which are not ADA compliant. The stairs have grooves which make it easier for lightweight bikes to go up/down the stairs. Quadricycles, trailers, and tricycles will require carrying the cycle. (see Gorge Pedal Disability web page for info)

Below: Bonneville, Mitchell Point, and Twin Tunnels spread out along the Historic Columbia River Highway

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For more information of the HCRH Car Free Trails, click map!

Click on any blue button or image to see ride details and QR code for maps.

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