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Bi State Ride !


Cascade Locks OR to Stevenson WA

Great Saturday Morning Ride in summer: Stevenson Farmer's Market in full swing. Bridge traffic is slow mph. Cycling over an open grate looking down at the Columbia River is a novel sensation for those new to cycling 135 feet above a moving body of water!


Staring Direction: Heading East

Length: 10.6 miles Round Trip

Total Elevation climb: 675

Highest Elevation: 283

Bridge to Water: 135 ft

Incline 9.4%

Decline 9.3


Roadway: Bridge of the Gods, Hwy 14 (brief), Trail, paved bike trail

Restrooms: Cascade Locks' restaurants, Stevenson Park portapotties and town restaurants


Services: Multiple food/beverage in both Cascade Locks OR and Stevenson WA


Cascade Locks OR to Stevenson WA