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HCRH is the acronym for Historic Columbia

River Highway.

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Cycling Score Card

Restrooms: Wyeth Creek Trailhead and Starvation Creek.

Round trip Mileage:

8.8 miles round trip

Hills: max elevation 183

total elevation gain  280

Incline 5.8 %

Decline  6.3 %


Staring Direction: Map is Heading West

Length: 5 Miles One Way or 10 miles, Round Trip

Roadway: Paved Trail

Restrooms: Wyeth, Starvation Creek



Restrooms at Wyeth and Starvation. Wyeth restrooms often closed off season.

Some hills but very near the ADA standard of 5% grade on entire trail. Beautiful east and west views of the Columbia River.

Add another mile to Viento (closed until Winter 2023--24 for construction of Mitchell Pt Tunnel access.




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Wyeth Creek to Starvation Creek