HCRH is the acronym for Historic Columbia

River Highway.

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The Bicycle has been the canary in the Transportation Tunnel the past 30 years. In Oregon, the Bike Bill from 1971 required the Oregon  Dept of Transportation department to provide shared access to vulnerable users of the road.


It provided a minimum of 1% gas tax money to provide facilities for cyclists and pedestrians as part transportation projects. ORS 366.514 was enacted to ensure Oregon roadways provide facilities that allow for safe travel by people walking and biking.


The law establishes when pedestrian and bicycle facilities must be provided as part of transportation projects. The law applies to all transportation projects in the state, regardless of who owns the facility, project funding source, or amount.


In 2008, ORS 801.608 801.608 defines the Vulnerable User of a public way "a pedestrian, a highway worker, a person riding an animal or a person operating, or riding on, any of the following on a public way, crosswalk or shoulder of the highway:(1)A farm tractor or implement of husbandry; (2)A skateboard; (3)Roller skates; (4)In-line skates; (5)A scooter; (6)A bicycle; (7)A moped; or (8)A motorcycle. ORS 801.387 defines a Person with a disability classification as (1)A person who has severely limited mobility because of paralysis or the loss of use of some or all of the person’s legs or arms; (2)A person who is affected by loss of vision or substantial loss of visual acuity or visual field beyond correction; or (3)A person who has any other disability that prevents the person from walking without the use of an assistive device or that causes the person to be unable to walk more than 200 feet, including but not necessarily limited to: (a)Chronic heart condition; (b)Emphysema; (c)Arthritis; (d)Rheumatism; or (e)Ulcerative colitis or related chronic bowel disorder.


Cycling advocates expanded their notion of who uses the road and what protections are needed for all users.

 "It not just about the bicycle."


Below are more resources about accessibility and the road, the sidewalk and the intersection of vehicles and all vulnerable road users.

Disability Audit of the Waterfall Corridor

along the Historic Columbia River Highway


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