HCRH is the acronym for Historic Columbia

River Highway.

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This roadway was the First American Scenic Highway built for vehicles.

Indigenous peoples have been walking in this human corridor for 12,000 years or more. Know  that the people who came to this region in the 1700s and later benefited from these paths well worn by the millions of people whom occupied these lands.

We are stewards of this

precious land, water and air.

The Feature

The Dalles Mural Project 2022:

The Historic Columbia River Highway & Trail

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The Historic Columbia River Highway started construction

in 1916 in Troutdale, Oregon and was completed in 1922 in The Dalles.


The Dalles Mural Project 2022 celebrated its largest mural in featuring the completion of the The Historic Columbia River Highway and Trails' 100th anniversary in August 2022.

Below and on following pages is the construction of the mural

by Wall Dogs' passionate advocates and the citizens of The Dalles.