Gorge Pedal Rides

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Welcome to Trail Mix: 3 Combination Rides, paved Trails & Low Volume Roads

3 Rides: 1. Across the Bridge of the Gods    2. Cascade Locks along Herman Creek to Starvation Creek     3. The Gorge Ride

1. Cascade Locks OR to Stevenson, WA is 5 miles one way.

Below is the 5 mile ride to Stevenson WA from Cascade Locks OR. This is an ideal adventuresome ride for the second or third ride in the Gorge. On Saturdays during the summer Stevenson puts on a great Saturday Market and biking over from Oregon, grabbing fresh food or having lunch, seeing ORegon from WAshington, and bikeing back is a great ride.

Placeholder imageLush overhead canopy of Ash Lake Road toward Stevenson, WA
Placeholder imageThe incredible bike path over the Columbia River ! You and Hikers of the PCT are allowed here.

2. Longer Ride from Cascade Locks to Starvation Creek

Below is longer ride with more gentle ups which can add to the strong legs...The ride tips in near 24 miles round trip. It has a 600 ft climb for one mile, but the rest of the journey is small 5% up and down inclines. There are a couple of hidden fall water beauties and tree canopies to have shade along the summer sun. There is an extension to Viento State Park and another extra mile you can add on too.  Some day this will connect to Mitchell Point Tunnel.  

Placeholder imageNear Starvation Creek and Hole in Wall Falls
Placeholder imageGrand paved trails toward the East after Wyeth Creek

3. Longer Legacy Gorge Ride.

This classic Columbia River Gorge ride is sponsored by the Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway for over 15 years. It formally occurs in mid June during peak cherry season. But rideable anytime and roads are low volume with mostly good sight lines of drivers for cyclists. Start at the Discovery Center in the Dalles: You will crest the Rowena Crest and saunter down the cherry and wine orchards flowing into Mosier and then up to the eastern portal of Hatfield Twin Tunnels, a fully paved 4 mile trail to the western portal. The panoramas are particularly impressive. 

Winds are part of the ride, so don't be surprised.

Placeholder imageUp toward Rowena Crest with Gorge over your shoulder
Placeholder imageScreaming down the Rowena Crest