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Highway & Car Free Trail Riding 

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Ride Score Card

Restrooms: Cascade Locks, Herman Creek Camp, Wyeth, Starvation Creek, Viento


Miles: 15 Miles one way & 28.1 Miles round trip 

This map adds the new 2023 extension east of almost 2 extra miles.


Hills: max elevation 642 Ft 

Total elevation gain 1952 Ft


Starting Direction: Cascade Locks, proceed East on WaPaNa St to Frontage Rd to Wyeth Road to Wyeth Campground along HCRH Trail to Viento and 2 more miles as of Aug 2023.


Roadway: 7 miles on low volume traffic roads then 6 miles on HCRH No Cars on Paved Trail  for Cyclists & Pedestrians


Services: Cascade Locks for food; none along Hwy or Trail


Impression:  Map tells a story: 500+ ft climb on a tall mountain with a climb in one mile. This is another beautiful trail: Exit through Cascade Locks along the River, up through the gentle slopes of scoured beach & accumulated soil. You will cross several creeks to the South of the trail: Haphan-Summit-Warren-Cabin-Starvation- Viento and Pertham Creeks.  There are many falls south and up the slopes within the basalt cliffs. The Falls along the trail to stop and see are Hole in the Wall, Cabin, and Starvation. These are more intimate falls than Mulnomah Falls; seeing and being upclose to how water shapes the Gorge is enlighting. Visiting these areas in different seasons gives you a greater awareness of how alive the Gorge is and perhaps how the earth abides. The Trail panoramas are worthy of recording on your phones. Internet comes & goes and may not be accurate.


Beware: as I made this map I encountered wind gusts of 25 mph and steady 6-8 mile winds from the east on June 4, 2021. Remember, wind dehydrates you quickly and you won't realize it.   

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