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Ride Score Card

Restrooms: Cascade Locks OR & Stevenson WA  


Miles: 5.3 Miles one way & 10.6 Miles round trip 


Hills: max elevation 283 Ft 

Total elevation gain 675 Ft


Starting Direction: Cascade Locks, North across Bridge


Roadway: Paved Trail & Low Volume Road


Services: Cascade Locks, Skamania Lodge, & Stevenson  


Impression: Despite having to cross on WA SR 14, this is a beautiful short ride. It is perfect on a summer Saturday morning with the turnaround point of Stevenson's Saturday market for fresh food. There are several good restaurants too; even one with shore front views of the Columbia River.    


Crossing the Bridge of the Gods is at 15 mph or less; Hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail will be in the lane with you. Regular "driving bridgers" are courteous. 


Caution, when biking across the bridge, the grating disappears visually as you roll; the feeling of suspension over the river can be disconcerting. Reminder: there is a developmental period where humans learn 'object permanance even tho visually missing.' This occurs by 2 yrs of example is a baby sees their mom leave the room and visual absence stimulates the baby to cry: the object disappeared. After two yrs old, we hope, babies understand that their mom is around the corner out of view and she will be back. Crossing the bridge, remind yourself the bridge is still supporting you as you "roll on Columbia."    


There is a small patch of gravel about 100 ft long  along Ash Lake Road which connects to a bike path entering Stevenson. 

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