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Highway & Car Free Trail Riding 

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Ride Score Card

Restrooms: Troutdale, several waterfall stops, Bridal Veil, Wahkeena, Mult Falls, Eagle Creek/ Bonneville Dam, Cascade Locks, Herman Creek, Ainsworth Campground, Wyeth Trailhead, Starvation Creek, Viento State Park, Hood River, Hatfield Tunnel West, Mosier, Discovery Center, The Dalles.


Miles: 78 Miles one way & 156 Miles round trip


Hills: max elevation 916 Ft 

Total elevation gain 5092 Ft


Starting Direction: This map proceeds westward from The Dalles to Tourtdale's Edgefield Resort


Roadway: Majority on low volume highway & Paved No Cars Trail  for Cyclists & Pedestrians


Services: The Dalles, Mosier, Hood River, Cascade Locks,Corbett & Troutdale. Bike shops in Gresham, Cascade Locks (minor), Hood River, &The Dalles.


Impression:  This is the total Gorge experience. You will go through 4 different ecological regions: Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Silver Fir, & Pine Oak Woodland.


You will tuck in and out of the forest to peek-a-boo at the River. You will see huge panoramas up and down the Gorge; Dog Hair forests appear; burns on trees from the canopy 2017 Eagle Creek fire in many places; the 3 dams which ghosted the River's rapids, go thru a tunnel through basalt mountain, ride the majestic Rowena plateau & curves and many other Gorge characteristics created by the Missoula Floods and human occupation over the past 12-15,000 years

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