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Ride Score Card

Restrooms: Troutdale, Corbett, Bridal Veil Falls, Wahkeena, Multnomah Lodge 


Miles: 18.7 Miles one way & 37.3 Miles round trip 


Hills: max elevation 925 Ft 

Total elevation gain 2409 Ft


Starting Direction: Leave Otto Park eastward across the Sandy Bridge, to Corbett, to Women's Forum, to Vista House, thru the Waterfall corridor ending at Multnomah Fall Lodge.


Roadway: Low Volume but congested;  speed limit 40 mph


Services: Troudale, Corbett, Multnomah Lodge


Impression: This is a classic road ride on the western part of the Columbia Gorge: the fast Sandy River, the initial upland farms and wine country, and a pause for bluff views (Women's Forum & Vista House) eastward to the basalt cliff entrance to the Gorge. Descend down a quick hairpin set of curves and sprint underneath the canopy of trees as you enter the Waterfall Corridor. And remember on your return that the cars of 1916 could only go up a 5% grade of switchbacks ~which is the 1990 ADA requirement for accessible slopes.


The Falls: Latourell, Sheppard's Dell, Bridal Veil, Coopey, Wahkeena and to the turnaround Multnomah Falls. Two more falls are not on this selection but just eastward: Oneonta (closed) and the two single trail companion Horsetail & Ponytail Falls.


Caution: the Waterfall Corridor is really 6-7 intersections on a scenic highway. This means many car drivers are hunting for parking, scoflaw parking on the side of the roads with their tires in the travel lane, and people emerging from cars without looking both ways.


As a cyclist, be Absolute Alert!   

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