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Car Free Riding 

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Ride Score Card

Restrooms: Wyeth Trailhead, Starvaton Creek Rest Area, & Viento State Park 


Miles: 5.5+ Miles one way & 11.2 Miles round trip 


Hills: max elevation 248 Ft 

Total elevation gain ??? Ft


Starting Direction: Wyeth Trail Head, head eastward


Roadway: Paved Trail  for Cyclists & Pedestrians


Services: None


Impression: The ride Wyeth Campgrounds and proceeds 5.5 miles eastward for a total of 11 miles plus. In late 2023, there was an additional length of almost two miles on paved trail added east of Viento. This obviously increases the total round trip to 13 miles. Thus, you can go further east than this map portrays. This map will be replaced late Feb 2024.


The trail gets you within 6/10th of a mile of Mitchell Pt. That trail portion connecting Mitchell Pt will not be completed until 2026-27.


The Wyeth to Viento ride of the HCRH No Car Trail mimicks the peek-a-boo nature of the original highway creators. You tuck into the forest and then exit to look up and down the Gorge. Winds of 15 to 20 miles an hour will create white caps. Eagles will glide in your view. You will be riding on the road bed of the original 1916-1922 highway frequently. West of Starvation Creek are two beautiful waterfalls: Hole in the Wall and Cabin Creek. Starvation Creek Falls is slightly east/south of the rest area. Viento State Park is a premiere campsite which fulfills 3 ADA accessible camps. It also has lockers with electrical outlets to charge phones, tablets, etc.


Camping here is either an industrial world nostalgia with multiple trains going by at night a quarter of a mile away or a bad idea for a light sleeper. The hot showers will be especially refreshing if you are a distance bike traveler.


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